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The Mythos Is the ONE

Nuova Simonelli have taken the title as one of the leading espresso machine experts, the Italian brand has elevated the grinding standards. This beautiful  grinder has been dubbed the best in the industry due to its advance technology which Simonelli have innovated. The ability to get the dose weight and the volume in equal volumes directly makes a difference to the quality of the coffee extraction.

Simonelli then conducted a investigation to see what was causing the lack of equal volumes between the dose weigh and the mythos-onevolume, the study showed it was actually the temperature of the grinding burrs themselves. In other words the air temperature in the coffee bar and the heat created by the coffee equipment was the problem. This led to the innovation of the T3
technology that knocked down the seemingly insurmountable barrier of thermal stability is espresso brewing… and so the Mythos One was born. The temperature control on the T3 and also the PID boiler control technology which was also innovated by Simonelli has allowed them to be at the front line in terms of world standards.

All in all the Nuova Simonelli  is above its competitors when it comes to the technology, and has held the ground of innovation for many years to come. If you are a cafe, restaurant or want to provide yourself and others with Coffee which lingers in perfection. The Mythos One is for you.

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Mahlkonig is known for the high standards of its grinding so it was no surprise the innovation of the PEAK created airwaves through the coffee machine industry. Today the brand’s products like the EK43 and the K30 are distributed in over 90 countries and its equipment is used in the annual World Barista Championships due to the high quality of the equipment and this has really given the company a name for its self.

Here’s a bit more information about the PEAK: download

  • Latest burr technology giving unequalled grind performance
  • Little to no waste. Saves money as you grind only what you need accurately and with precision.
  • Stepless grind technology for more accurate grind setting and features more accurate fine setting
  • Dosing precision with 0.01s programmable grind time, results in dosing accuracy of 1/10g
  • Dual managed fan system for temperature stability and coolness
  • LED lit grinding area for complete visibility.CEO of the Hemro Group, which is Mahlkoenig’s owner, Philipp Baumberger says in an interview with Global Coffee Report-June/16, that the company is unapologetically geared towards quality.“If you look at the Mahlkoenig label, you find a crown there – ‘King of Grinders’,” Baumberger says. “This reflects our ambition in the market and we take pride in saying that the market feedback encourages us to stay on this challenging track.”So when it came to designing their new grinder, the Mahlkoenig team decided it was time to further build on this reputation.“We felt it was time to build the ultimate espresso grinder,” says Baumberger.

We at Coffee Omega love the machine and can confidently say it is a hot seller as more and more people are recognizing that the PEAK is at the front line when it comes to the quality of the output.

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Sanremo Verona RS


The Verona RS has all the technological advances and features you would expect from a modern espresso machine. Custom built with updated design and enhanced by its lighting giving it an attractive look and feel. Its energy saving system is also a key feature to its operation specially now days more clients are looking for environmentally friendly espresso machines. This system ensures 30% savings compared to any other traditional espresso machine, by combing better insulating materials, construction, and the software.

Real-time Stability 

The Verona RS allows it’s users to set the temperature of its coffee boilers for each group head according to the blend or origin used. The control levels manages 3 different temperature reading levels, thus ensuring highest level of thermal stability. To ensure even better performance the Verona RS guarantees fully separate dispensing of coffee and steam, making sure both functions can be completed together without each other interfering or compromising the final result.

More over each group head have it’s own boiler whereas the main boiler is dedicated to hot water and steam only. With controlled pre-infusion and sophisticated electronic system this verona RS is at the top of it’s game.

Available as Matt Black or White

We now offer leasing on the Sanremo Verona RS over 3 or 5 years without any deposit or balloon payment making us the preferred company to buy from.



TORR TOYS – The Spirit of Espresso Tools

TORR TOYS – The Spirit of Espresso Tools

There are so many resellers and distributors now days and finding the right equipment together with any accessories can be a taunting task that’s why we have teamed up with Torr Toys to being you espresso tools and accessories.

TORR TOYS is an international premium designer, manufacturer and developer of fine espresso- and coffee tools.

TORR TOYS products are innovative, they provide a pure & timeless design and guarantee better results for each barista and every cup of coffee around the world.

We are now exclusive agents for Torr Toys in the UK any enquires are welcomed via

Stock items:

Tampers are available in various designs and shapes: These are exceptional tampers and finished to a very high standard. Unique thing about these tampers is you are able to adjust their height using washers that gives its users that personal bespoke tamper.

Glass hoppers: this really excites us as the configuration to colour and design is endless. These glass hoppers are getting popular in the UK as people start to customize their grinder to individual taste and colour. We currently have glass hoppers come as plain, pure, opague, crystal or multi-colour. Available in 3 sizes: 300g, 600g and 1300g hoppers. Currently the following grinders can be used for the hoppers: Mahlkonig EK43, Mahlkonig K30, Mazzer Robur, Mazzer Super Jolly, Mazzer Major, La Marzocco grinders, Macap grinders

Handles: we also have bespoke wooden portafilter handles made to order

torr-goldfinger torr-shaped-edge torr-specials