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New Wilfa Coffee Brewers – 2 Models

Introducing Wilfa Svart Performance

Developed in Norway, in collaboration with World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, the brand new Wilfa Svart Performance Brewer combines Wilfa’s unique technology with minimalist Scandinavian design.

Optimal Temperature. Unique Technology

There are several success factors needed to brew a perfect cup of coffee, and the right water temperature is one of them. The Wilfa Svart Performance keeps the temperature between 92 and 96 degrees from the first to the last drop.

An internal pump completely empties the water tank at each brewing session, making sure there is no residual water from brew to brew, ensuring the best cup quality each time.

The water tank is also detachable, making it easier to adjust your water level. The machine also comes with an adjustable drip stop, allowing you to customise the water flow rate according to your grind size.

Meet the New Wilfa Classic+ White

The Wilfa Classic+ is one of our most popular automatic coffee brewers, combining seamless operation with technical excellence. With a beautiful new white design, the Wilfa Classic+ offers a number of smart features including a cleaning indicator, automatic switch-off and manual drip stopper that prevents spills on the hotplate.

Wilfa Classic+ is an easy to use automatic coffee brewer that embody aesthetically-pleasing design, seamless operation and technical excellence. It delivers an incredible cup and is ideal for cafés, offices and households.

Why clean the coffee maker?

In order to get the best coffee flavour, it is important to regularly clean the coffee maker. With the Wilfa Classic+ it is easy to keep an eye on it – a flashing light indicates when it’s time for cleaning.