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Übermilk is the innovative milk frother for baristas and restaurateurs who demand high standards of quality and operating efficiency. Create first class latte art milk foam for up to 200 drinks – by simply pressing one button.

It doesn’t matter if you are working under high pressure and the line keeps getting longer and longer. With our Übermilk your baristas can focus on customer interaction, the perfect espresso shot and latte art as well.
The hygienic and slow heating cycle always brings the milk to its “sweet spot”, the point where milk reveals its full sweetness and turns into a perfect cream. Not too hot nor cold, not too fluid nor foamy – our milk foam impresses from the first to the last cup.

It’s so easy…

Milk frothing becomes a piece of cake: Place a pitcher, glass or mug under the spout, select a predefined quantity and out comes perfect milk foam

And so convenient 

Increase your output by taking the load off of your baristas.

And of course so good!

Perfect milk foam from the first to the last cup, no matter what drink you are serving


Perfect milk foam anytime
Infinity mode for your peak periods
Individual quantities keep food costs down
Intuitive One Touch Display
Hygienic Milk Frothing
Simple semi-automatic cleaning


W: 18 cm
H: 54 cm
D: 48.5 cm
Weight: 25kg


Both casing and milk heating elements are 100% stainless steel. All parts are food safe and FDA approved.

3 choice of colours:    Black,   White,   Silver (stainless steel)

The Ubermilk works from a standard single phase 13amp supply and simply connects with its 12.7/40.64 cm flexible tube to a fridge or milk cooler.

The individual controlling system “ubermilk analytics” allows tracking of quantities used and cleaning cycles.


With our Ubermilk package you can enjoy automatic milk frother at no time, less staff training, less hassle, no milk wastage, and perfect milk foam from the first to the last cup.

Package includes:  Ubermilk milk frother, small drip tray and connecting tube.

Optional Extra’s:

  • large drip tray
  • under counter milk fridge approx. 20l


Filter Packages:

  • 4 month’s supply – 120 filters
  • single liquid cleaner 1l x 6 ( 2 types)


2 reviews for Ubermilk

  1. Ubermilk….. I have no words, its amazing! My baristas have been playing around with it and its great. The one barista said “I just can’t stop smiling”

  2. We are one of the first coffee shops in the UK employing UberMilk, it saved us so much time and labour since we got them, baristas are no longer stressed out during peak hours while the the quality and consistency is still assured. The milk froth quality is extreamly high, as the milk is not being “steamed”, there is no water added into the milk, the milk texture is just on a whole new level, plus the fact that we have seen huge improvenents on milk wastages. It is not cheap to purchase but for a busy coffee shop it is definately worth it.

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