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Coffee Machine Service

Coffee machines are a integral part of a coffee business and is one of the most expensive piece of kit or investment anyone would make. Like any other machinery it can suffer from a host of issues and problems if not serviced or maintained accordingly to manufacturers guidelines.

Coffee machine can be considered like your car it needs TLC in order to keep on pushing out good coffee, if it isn’t it can be a costly thing to you. As bad coffee = no customer!

So, does your coffee machine really need servicing, here we will discuss few points when considering when to service your machine.


Every commercial machine requires water it doesn’t matter where you are, with that comes limescale issues. Limescale is a deposit of calcium carbonate left behind by hard water, it’s appearance is off-white crust that can be found inside your coffee machine boiler, group heads and surfaces.

In order to combat this you would simply require a water system from either Brita, Everpure, or BWT. This also will require regular filter exchanges in order to keep the coffee taste consistent. Addition of any of the above water system will also see instant improvement of coffee taste and flavour.

The exchange of filter can vary between sites that do between low and high volume, but on average you would expect to change it approx every 3-6 months. You would notice the coffee quality drop when it is due.


So you have followed the cleaning process daily, exchanged the water filters when due and did some TLC, so you might ask why do i need a service?

There is 2 types of services that we carry out:

  1. front end service (FES)
  2. back end service (BES)

FES can be carried out onsite at your premises and can take anything from 30min to 1 hour. It involves changing gaskets, seals etc

BES is a more hands on service that requires the machine to be taken back into the workshop for total strip down of internal parts, boiler descale, all components cleaned and reassembled, run and test machine, QC check, major parts are chargeable, we can also arrange boiler inspection service. This can take anything from few days to 2 weeks, in the interim you should be compensated with a free loan machine of similar make/ model.

Coffee Machine Service from Coffee Omega

We love our coffee and as a commercial supplier we know our machines and even those we haven’t supplied. It is our business to make sure your coffee machine is up to the standard and working perfectly for you.

We cater for all budgets and cover nationwide from Central London to Inverness. Our service plans and service contracts are very simple to understand and offers great value if your a existing customer and excellent affordability if your not.

At present we have several offers with specific traditional machines you buy from us:
La Spaziale, Sanremo, Faema, Victoria Arduino, Astoria and Slayer.

Get in touch with the team: Tel: 0843 289 6422




Slayer Espresso and Slayer Steam

Every Slayer machine is built by hand with devotion to their most cherished principles. Two distinct series, Steam and Espresso, feature professional machines that prepare coffee with exclusive technology and design. Made in the USA.

Slayer Steam

Volumetric extraction. Super-heated steam. Efficient, flexible bar flow. Slayer Steam is the solution for the high-volume business that depends on an espresso machine to help baristas produce great drinks at great speeds. Affordably priced and distinctively styled, Steam is the Slayer for everyone.

Slayer Espresso

Slayer’s flagship product, Slayer Espresso offers mastery over extraction. Patented flow rate control and flavor profiling put every variable in the barista’s hands, producing espressos that are fine-tuned to personal tastes. With advanced customizations, we reshape the Slayer aesthetic to perfectly suit every cafe.

Both Slayer Espresso and Slayer Steam are now available from Coffee Omega, you can either pay upfront for your purchase or take the more cash friendly option, leasing over 3 or 5 years without any deposit.

Slayer Steam is available in the following options:

  • 2 group
  • 3 group


Slayer Espresso is available in the following options:

  • 2 group
  • 3 group
  • Pre-brew timer 1 group
  • Pre-brew timer 2 group
  • Pre-brew timer 3 group


Customization available on both models.