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Mahlkonig EK43 Coffee Grinder

Mahlkonig EK43

Mahlkonig built a large range of retail and industrial grinders, the most common and recognised being the EK43 in it’s range. Although technically it is considered a retail/ shop grinder, but since it’s launch it has been considered by the speciality coffee industry as a brew bar grinder and an espresso shot grinder.

Honestly, we love it and so do our customers. It is among the top 5 grinders we sell and accounts for majority of the enquires we get.

Now available in 3 unique colours:  Matt Black,  White,  and Copper

The mahlkonig EK43 is also available as a double head named appropriately as Mahlkonig EKK43 with an option of having different burrs on each head, i.e. turkish and coffee burrs on either side.

Due to EK43’s popularity Mahlkonig brought out the limited edition of the EK43 that was approx half it’s size in height.  There was a limited run of 299 units and we were allocated only a few, sold out within few days!

Because we love the EK43 so much we now have gadgets and spare parts to enable customers to really enjoy working with the grinder. Titus EK43 dosing tool is now available from our webstore and coming soon is the Titus EK43 bur alignment tool.

Mahlkonig EK43 can be now purchased upright or leased over 3/5 years.


Golden Coffee Roasters

Best roasters for the best coffee!

Coffee Omega took a major leap into the world of coffee roasting by introducing Golden Coffee Roasters to it’s UK customers. We have been in intermediate discussions with the manufacturer since Oct 2016 when we had a soft launch and marketing campaign to test the market.

Since the launch of the trial it has become increasingly popular with coffee shop owners who like to introduce shop roasters and start roasting their own coffee.

May 2017 saw us officially become UK distributors for Golden Coffee Roasters.

The roasters we sell are very high quality and hand made in Turkey, Izmir. We personally inspect production at the factory for every roaster heading for UK.

Capacity of roasters we sell:

  • GR0.5 – 500g capacity – available as gas or electric
  • GR1 – 1.5kg capacity – available as gas or electric
  • GR2 – 2.5kg capacity – available as gas or electric
  • GR5 – 5kg capacity – available as gas or electric
  • GR10 – 10kg capacity –  only as gas
  • GR15 – 15kg capacity – only as gas
  • GR20 – 20kg capacity – only as gas
  • GR30 – 30kg capacity – only as gas
  • GR60 – 60kg capacity – only as gas
  • GR120 – 120kg capacity – only as gas


The roasters that take gas can be configured to in take natural gas, LPG or propane. Whereas the electric roasters are only up to 5kg capacity but use single phase electricity by means on an invertor.

We allow customers a FREE choice of RAL colour for any coffee roaster order and also the latest 2017 design that in cooperates USB connection to laptop/ computer.

There are extra’s that can be added:

  • PLC touch screen control
  • Afterburner
  • Destoner
  • Loader (from GR15 onwards)


For limited time only we are giving away FREE


Link to all the roasters: