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Ubermilk – Uber-Good in the UK

It is Uber-good to know that the long awaited Ubermilk has arrived in the UK, launched at this years London Coffee Festival.

Approx 85% of the beverages made in the UK are milk based, now consider the amount of milk wastage there is per store! also consider the time it takes to froth approx 30sec on average and the skill required for this perfection? Taking all this into account the Ubermilk is an all-in-1 solution that will save time and money on milk wastage.

The Ubermilk is an innovative equipment designed and made from high quality material to automatically froth milk by a press of a button. This piece of equipment is designed for busy locations where time is a premium.

Using the Ubermilk cannot be easier, there are 4 main menu buttons that the user can programme in milk size and temperature. This will speed up the serving process in a busy environment. The consistency of the milk froth is such it doesn’t matter who presses the button the same consistent milk froth will be delivered. That consistency can be managed by the user by introduction of air (note no steam/ water is required), to enable perfect froth size.

Plug and play system makes this the perfect equipment for any barista, with a very small footprint of 18cm wide.

We are proud to announce that Coffee Omega is the UK reseller of Ubermilk, if you like to know more please drop us an email: