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Jura JX8 Special Package **New**


Introducing JX8 the latest high-tech machinery by Jura! (Available on our site)

The robust, versatile and professional coffee solution. The JX8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of specialty coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees and the classic pot of coffee.

The handy cup positioning aid makes it ideal for self-service. The same goes for the large, clearly arranged preparation buttons.

Now you can become a pro barista in a few minutes.

The recipes for 21 tempting and original coffee creations are selected with the Quick touch switch. The JX8 uses text and pictures to guide you through the preparation process to ensure you find what your looking for and so you can treat yourself and your guests to some delicious coffee creations! A truly pleasurable experience for your taste buds! and a treat for the eyes too.

JURA JX8 Features

21 programmable specialties

With the option of choosing 1 or 2 coffee specialties can be prepared with a touch of a button which can produce either, espresso, americano, cappuccino, lattes and a flat white which is included with the programmable 21 specialties drink and the JX8 offers a intuitive new micro-foam frothing system which perfects each and every craft of coffee you make.

Can be plumbed to mains or tank filled water

Large 5L built-in water tank with auto fill mains plumbing kit. Either way your choice! Permanent water connection module, with 3/8″ reinforced hose.

Specialty coffees at the touch of a button 

Easy, simple use of a touch of a button. Easy for beginners to learn how to use it as it has simple steps to coffee perfection! The new multi-level aroma G3 grinder from Jura has been improved and grinding mechanism is in understatement and now even greater freshness.

Serves Up to 100 Drinks Per Day (max)

Great for daily use maximizing each and last coffee you create to the finishing touch, perfect for either a hotel, coffee shop, restaurants as well as offices as this machinery is medium size and is compact which is essential for offices as you need all the space you can get!

Fast drink selection & dispense 

Great for self service area such as break-rooms as it is quick, simple and fast and even has a remaining time display to let you know how long it’ll take (perfect for large offices). 

Adjustable coffee spout

Enough space for all shapes and sizes of glasses, mugs and cups and is great for catering for events and for canteen use (65mm-153mm).

Easy to use functions

6 large front-mounted direct selector buttons that you use to select the options of coffee to Lattes to many more options and 2 navigation buttons. Moreover the JX8 is compatible with JURA connect app and JURA coffee app professional which makes the use of the device more swiftly.

Lockable bean hopper and water tank 

Minimizes any accidental spills of beans and prevents manipulation. Great if you are a clumsy person! Bean container with aroma preservation cover can hold up to 500g but the bean container can be optionally extended to 1kg if that is to your liking.

Disable function 

Ensures and prevents accidental operations such as during cleaning or when you are thinking of moving the machine to a better spot in the room to get customer traffic flowing.

New Cup positioning aid

Perfect for self-service and first time users who come across the JX8!.

Programmable temperatures

The JX8 you can adjust the milk and froth temperature up to 10 different levels. The coffee strength adjustable up to 10 levels and the brewing temperature is programmable up to 2 levels and the hot water is up to 3 levels. Practice with different combinations of milk, froth and hot water levels to create a master piece or the next best selling specialty drink around your local area!



Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 – At LCF 2018 Stand M15A

Today, Victoria Arduino amazes us again with Mythos 2, the coffee grinder which uses the innovative Gravimetric technology and which will soon be available in Coffee Omega.


None knows the accuracy of our work better than Victoria Arduino. It patented the Gravimetric technology, which changed the rules of Expresso coffee professional machines


  • Ensures the maximum density and accuracy.
  • Together with the gravimetric machine, the brew ratio is consistent to always offer the best Expresso.
  • The dose remains unchanged even if you change the granulomerty setting.


We know it from our experience as barista – when the grinding temperature is unstable, granulometry and doses are inconsistent. Victoria Arduino already developed Clima Pro 2.0 system of Mythos 2. In addition to keep the temperature in grinding chamber, Myhtos 2 is also able to reduce it, to allow a more efficient work.


  • Thanks to Clima Pro 2.0, offers a wider range of operating temperatures.
  • Ensures a greater temperature consistency.
  • Lowers the operating temperature, since it reduces the heating transmission from motor source.


Thanks to the easy and fast programming, adjustable from the touch display, the variable speed motor (from 600 to 1200 rmp) of Mythos 2 allows to decide the settings most suitable to the coffee we you choose.


  • Its variable speed motor modulates productivity according to the needs.
  • Maintains the coffee quality thanks to service speed.
  • Ensures the best grinding condition of your coffee.


After Mythos one experience, with Mythos 2 Victoria Arduino could develop a grinding machine with 85mm titanium grinders to allow for a greater service speed – in other words, a higher  hourly production. You can grind more quickly than before, without compromising the taste of your coffee.


  • Increases the service speed.
  • It’s the ideal grinder for bars with high sales volumes.
  • Lowers the grin ding times per dose.


Mythos 2 is also able to work without making unpleasant and continuous noises during coffee grinding in your bar, which thus becomes more relaxing and liveble enviroment, for you and your customers.


  • Is quietest grinder-doser
  • Makes your bar a more relaxing and liveable enviroment.
  • Improves the acoustic comfort of your premise to offer customers a more pleasant and involving experience.


The new Mythos 2 inverter motor saves energy – An important milestone for Victoria Arduino, but also for those like us who have to manage a business at their own expenses


  • Is the result of the new grinding theory – ensuring more productivity with lower consumption costs.
  • Lower electric consumption.


Mythos compact shape is only 20cm, allowing us to put multiple grinders in sequence to create a batch of coffee grinders. An impressive decorative solution, which is also very functional for your bar. Its 2 kg hopper is ergonomic and spacious and the touch display with pre-set electronic features speeds up and streanlines its use.


  • Is very easy to use.
  • Has a compact shape and a streamlines accessibility to speed up maintenace operations.
  • Has a micrometric adjustment system which is easy, accurate and immediate.


Since we saw it for the first time, we noticed its fully-aluminium body and the double fan on the rear side which ensures a quicker motor cooling. Design is important in our bar, and Mythos 2 gets noticed thanks to its curved lines, matched with squared volumes and the hopper which is part of the body but in an unexpected shape.