Sanremo Verona RS


The Verona RS has all the technological advances and features you would expect from a modern espresso machine. Custom built with updated design and enhanced by its lighting giving it an attractive look and feel. Its energy saving system is also a key feature to its operation specially now days more clients are looking for environmentally friendly espresso machines. This system ensures 30% savings compared to any other traditional espresso machine, by combing better insulating materials, construction, and the software.

Real-time Stability 

The Verona RS allows it’s users to set the temperature of its coffee boilers for each group head according to the blend or origin used. The control levels manages 3 different temperature reading levels, thus ensuring highest level of thermal stability. To ensure even better performance the Verona RS guarantees fully separate dispensing of coffee and steam, making sure both functions can be completed together without each other interfering or compromising the final result.

More over each group head have it’s own boiler whereas the main boiler is dedicated to hot water and steam only. With controlled pre-infusion and sophisticated electronic system this verona RS is at the top of it’s game.

Available as Matt Black or White

We now offer leasing on the Sanremo Verona RS over 3 or 5 years without any deposit or balloon payment making us the preferred company to buy from.

Email: info@coffeeomega.co.uk




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