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Introducing the Black Eagle Maverick!

Innovation Inspires Genius 

Victoria Arduino launches the most intelligent coffee machine to date.

The Black Eagle Maverick offers an evolution of  T3 Technology, found in its predecessor the T3 Genius, with the same precision and control but for 37 per cent less energy consumption. Making it the ultimate sustainable machine to date, this was only achieved by reducing the volume of stainless steel boiler.

Victoria Arduino also optimised the shape and weight the group allowing faster heating speed and better precision and reactivity.

One of the latest innovation to this machine is the Pre Brew Technology, allows espresso extraction with a low-pressure coffee extraction. The improvement to software and user adaptability has meant you can visualise all the information related to your extracted drink on each group head.

We are as excited as many, eagerly waiting for its release date and the ability get our hands on a game changer.

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