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Vibiemme Domobar Junior Package deal

There is a magnificent deal were you can grab hold off…

These are the two options, Vibiemme Domobar Junior 2B or Vibiemme Domobar Junior HX. These are the two options which we are giving out on a package deal. Both package deals consists with a grinder, free barista kit, all sorts of cleaning materials and a complete water filtration system.

Vibiemme Domabar Junior –
The most versatile and complete Domobar with the right balance of performance, consumption, and size that will give you great satisfaction every day. Junior can offer you a perfect extraction and a great milk frothing, both with the HX (heat exchanger version), and with the 2B (double boiler version) which is even more versatile and powerful for heavy use.

The two package deals are now available, so i highly recommend you to grab hold at least “one package deal” so you can avoid any disappointments.




AeroPress and AeroPress Filters

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The AeroPress coffee maker is easy and simple to brew a cup of significant coffee. With this, this associates with 350 AeroPress filters. This coffee maker is not for espresso, it only generates a significant brewed cup of black coffee. Also, the AeroPress has few benefits these are the followings, ‘brews one cup at a time and as i mentioned before, this comes with 350 paper filters, scoop, stirrer, paper filter holder alongside funnel.  This does include with ‘AeroPress Tote Bag’, the bag is very handy when your are travelling. So you are able to keep all your AeroPress essentials together and you can enjoy the perfect brew on the go.

What is AeroPress inverted?
1. insert plunger just enough into Aeropress so it doesn’t fall out.
2. Flip Aeropress over and pour ground coffee into the chamber
3. Add hot water and stir, wait for 30 second
4. Top up with more hot water and stir again, and wait 30 seconds
5. Screw the cap on with the filter paper or metal disc
6. Flip the Aeropress over onto your mug
7. Press plunger all the way down

– Easy & quick
– Easy to clean once used
– Unbreakable

– Height: 10 inches
– Width: 3.5 inches
– Depth: 3.5 inches

More information can be found down below:




Acaia Pearl S


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Not long to go until the latest Acaia Model gets underway . This unique model is only available in two different colours which are in Black & White. This model is a smart scale which brings consistency & insight towards your coffee brewing. This provides all the assists when making a perfect cup of tea with its essential touch of brewing modes. It has a real time flow-rate display alongside having a new built-in Acaia interactive coffee brewing guide.

– Has a time flow-rate display
– Available in Black & White
– Bluetooth Connectivity
– LED Dot Matrix Display

Dimensions – 160mm (W) x 160mm (L) x 32mm (H)
6.13 in(W) x 6.13 in(L) x 1.26 in(H)
Weight – 606g / 1.3lb
Capacity – 6.6lbs  / 3kg  Max: 3000g /Min: 0.1g

More information can be found down below:
Acaia Pearl S Black –
Acaia Pearl S White –



Victoria Arduino White Eagle Package Deal


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A new eagle is ready to spread its wings and land in all coffee shops that make quality and consistency their mission. It is called the VA358 White Eagle and is a new Victoria Arduino machine dedicated to speciality coffee. Consistent, reliable, efficient. The VA358 White Eagle responds to the new speciality coffee shops needs, offering the possibility to use tall cups and glasses to serve their flavour experiences.

Features(VA White Eagle Digital 2 Group):
– Special colour for the white eagle
– Easy cream
– LED lights for the group heads
– Leather handle and teflon portafilter
– Cool touch nano tech

Whats in the package?
Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digital 2 Group
Victoria Arduino MDX-S On Demand Grinder
Complete water filtration system
Installation & Training
Free Barista Kit

Dimensions (mm) WxDxH – 825 x 660 x 510
Voltage Volt: 208 – 240
Power Watt: 7600W (T3) and 4500W (Digit)