At Coffee Omega we understand what it’s like owning and running a business which means we recognise that owning a coffee machine isn’t necessarily for everyone. Having to deal with breakdowns and other issues with machine ownership can compound the stress of owning a business, particularly in the early days. That is why we also offer coffee machine rental as part of our services which could help your business avoid complications.

We offer a complete package when it comes to our commercial coffee machine rental so that you have nothing to worry about. In the unlikely event of a machine breakdown we’ll take care of everything and our servicing is unlimited and includes a full breakdown warranty.

Renting a commercial coffee machine from us also means that your business has access to us as coffee experts from the beginning. We can help provide expert advice that could help your business flourish and ensure that quality coffee keeps flowing from the start. Whilst it’s possible to source your coffee beans through us there is no obligation to do so, therefore you can source your own roaster whilst taking advantage of our coffee machine rental.

Our contract terms start from as little as 3 months so you don’t have to be tied in for any kind of lengthy contract. You also don’t have to stay with the same machine as you can always upgrade the kind of commercial coffee machine which could be useful if your business really takes off in the early stages as you could step up to a larger rental if needed. Our rental prices are affordable with a low deposit and constant access to our friendly team.

Here at Coffee Omega we really see our clients as an extension of our business. We truly want your business to succeed and are on hand to provide assistance to ensure you get the right rental coffee machine for you. By placing you at the heart of our business we believe that we can provide the best service to you and our professionalism and expertise in the coffee industry cannot be rivalled.

We are completely committed to helping your business find the right coffee machine so if you are looking to rent a commercial coffee machine then we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you in more detail. We can help businesses of any size looking to find the perfect coffee machine rental package so contact us with your estimated output and level of demand and we’ll do our utmost to find you the perfect machine match to try for a rental period.

Rest assured through our rental services for commercial coffee machines that the onus for repairs and servicing is entirely on us and as such any problems we will happily remedy them for you. We look forward to being able to help you find the commercial coffee machine to suit your needs and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that coffee machine rental brings.


Ubermilk Stainless Steel

Availability: in stock

Sku: Ubermilk SS

What you get?

Ubermilk unit, high drip tray installation & training + delivery, full p/l warranty for the entire rental period, software updates, unlimited call-outs Mon – Fri, and service every year


Weekly – £46.15 + VAT*
Monthly – £200 + VAT*
Deposit – £1,000 +  VAT*
Term – 24 months
Quarterly – chemicals & filters for 4 months £299 + VAT

*Quote subject to change

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