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A Storm is Brewing…… Astoria Storm Coffee Machine

Please to announce we will be stocking and supplying one of the finest coffee machines in the market, Astoria Storm. The Storm allows the barista control over every aspect coffee brewing and coffee extraction process making it unique experience.

People who are behind this great design and craftsmanship are truly unique and knowledgeable., they include 3 of the most popular barista’s who have inputted their experience and idea’s making this coffee machine one of the most sort after!

Available as 2 or 3 group configurations

We have some great package deals with grinder, water system, install, training, etc for lease or upright purchase.

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New Generation Grinder is Here: Anfim Pratica

Want to experience espresso grinding like you never experienced before, tasted or heard of?

Let us introduce you to the Anfim’s Pratica Grinder released as this year’s Amsterdam Festival. It combines traditional Italian design with consistent on demand grinding capacity. The PRTICA provides hands free grinding operation through start-stop automation, highly effective in a busy environment. Like all other models of the Anfim range, the grinder is great value for money by few enhancements,  redesigned grinding disc geometry, durable built quality and ease of use, a very simple stepless grind adjustment.

The PRATICA will be top choice for a demanding professional barista or coffee shop.

If you like to get your hands on one and take it thru it’s paste let us know we will welcome you to our offices.

more info:  PRATICA