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Varia Multi Brewer

The Varia is a flexible, six-in-one brewing unit that allows you to make everything from pour over to stove top to cold brew coffee with a single piece of equipment.

The six uses of the brewer are:
1. Pour Over
2. French press
3. Moka Pot
4. Cold Brew
5. Kettle
6. Tea

The brewer is packaged in a tidy well presented black box that gives you the feel of quality and luxury.

The Varia is a well designed piece of kit that gives you allot of options to choose from, although its price is reasonable compared to most brewers; it well can be the only brewer in your house to be multi functional.

Retail price £110 + VAT

further info can be found here 




OCD Coffee Distributor V3

The latest Black version of the OCD coffee distributor V3 is about to arrive, long anticipated and awaited.

This new model of the ONA Coffee Distributor is the latest distribution tool by former World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic. The OCD: V3 comes with an advanced, static-reducing coating on the base, as well as a range of other features: – Textured sides for easy grip and non-slip; – Reduced friction and generation of static electricity; – Lightweight build (100g less than previous models).

Measuring 58.5mm ideal for IMS or VST baskets, its made from stainless steel and anodized aluminium

Limited stock arriving in Sept be first to grab one

OCD Coffee Distributor V3.0