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We at Omega Consultancy are here to help you steer towards improving your café performance as we understand how important this can be when it comes to retaining customers. Whether that be a new start-up venture where you need help with planning, coffee choice, equipment choice, barista training, latte art training, floor planning, staffing, marketing, menu etc or an existing business that requires help with improving coffee quality, staff competencies, customer service, drink standards or just taking a look at the menu offering. There is absolutely nothing related to coffee we do not provide and it took us years to obtain this skill and knowledge, which is now priceless!

Please note we do not provide consultancy for restaurants unless you are looking to improve your coffee experience, standards or looking to add that experience.

Sometimes getting honest feedbacks from friends, family, employees and customers are not always sufficient as they can tend to be more biased, giving you feedback that will put a smile to your face in reality that is far off! So having an expert eye cast of your entire business from shop floor to menu offering can give you a true unbiased view of what really is going on and how/ where to make improvements. This can be a very scary and upsetting experience as many owners find themselves too attached to their business routine and do not want any change. Change does not go down very well but if done correctly by an expert it can be very fruitful to the business. So if you have an open mind and able to take on board all our suggestions and recommendations than we love to help.

Who is the consultant?

Very valid and good question, consultancy will be carried out by one of our directors who has been involved in the coffee business for many years and has developed a passion for helping others succeed in the industry. He will spend the whole entire day at your premises with yourself analysing and auditing the business. Feedback received from him will be honest and unbiased and any suggestions and recommendations will be directly related to your business.

At the end of the day we are not here to just take payment from you we are here to help you improve and succeed and this can only be possible if we get your full attention on the day and work as a team.

Services we offer:

  • Coffee shop consultancy including layout, menu planning, equipment sourcing
  • Barista training
  • Business planning
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Bespoke service with ongoing support
  • Mystery customer shopping/ with audits

Who is this service for?

This service is available to everyone whether you’re planning to open a new start-up coffee shop or existing business trying to improve your performance. This also includes deli bars, sandwich shops, restaurants with coffee offerings, hotels with coffee offerings.

Prices & costings

Because the consultancy service can be bespoken it really depends what you’re looking for, typically our prices start from:

£400 + VAT + plus travel expenses

If you like to discuss this and have a free initial chat, please fill in the following details:

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