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How Clean is Your Grinder?

How many of us have put serious thought into thoroughly cleaning our grinder? If you haven’t than you should after reading this article. Let’s face it, who loves cleaning anyway let alone a coffee grinder. Well this is a very bad barista practice and should be avoided at all costs.

When grinding coffee beans through the grinder over time this leaves build up of coffee oils which means the grinder won’t be performing to it’s optimum and more essentially future coffee coming out from the grinder will be effected. You will notice this in your coffee taste and the coffee granules from the grinder.

Quick clean is where you use a soft brush to clean away any coffee debris from the grinder and around it, you may also use a soft damped cloth to wipe down the grinder as the saying goes ” shinny grinder = coffee coffee”.

Everyday cleaning is a much deeper cleaning process and we suggest this to be done end of the day after closing. We advise you start by emptying the hopper and run some Urnex Grindz Tablets through. Use 1 capful (35-40g) for espresso grinders and 2 capsful (70-80g) for all shop grinders. You would have to now purge the grinder so that all cleaning particles are out, you do this by running coffee beans and repeat this process twice.

If you are a confident and experienced barista and like to go even further than you can do the following dependent on the grinder in question. Turn off and unplug the grinder, remove the hopper and any other parts so that you have access to the burrs. Now use a strong grinder brush to clean inside out, you may also use a vacuum cleaner to pick up grounded coffee from hard to reach areas.

There are allot of information about using alternatives products in fact this may cause more harm than good so we always recommend using approved products for both coffee grinders and espresso machines. More importantly manufacturers will not cover warranty should any unapproved cleaning product is used.

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Acaia Orion – Doser From Space!

Acaia have now truly cemented their reputation around the world as a leading manufacturer in coffee scales. It’s like the Ferrari among the scales – elegant, precision, user friendliness and robustness. This year the company released a new machine that was awarded the Best New Product during SCA Expo in Seattle.

Acaia Orion – Precision Dosing Tool

Not sure where to begin reviewing this great craftsmanship, so lets take a look at this main spec’s:

  • Weight-based efficiency: The speed of the dose depends on the weight. It’ll dose 225 g in 12 seconds or 20 g in 3 seconds with an error margin of 2-3 beans.
  • Automatic mode: Dose multiple containers with automatic taring and no required button pushing.
  • Manual control: For the times you want to do it yourself, the Orion allows you to quickly pause or dose those last few beans.
  • Intelligent dosing: Based on previous target weights and actual outputs, the Orion will automatically adjust and decrease the margin of error.
  • Firmware supported: Like all of our products, the Orion will receive periodic updates to its firmware, which you can execute through our firmware app

Due to the fact the machine is a dosing tool the hopper is only 350-400g beans but that’s more than enough for it’s purpose. The LED display clearly displays the dosing with measuring units either as oz or g.

As we humans move ever so close to an era where all our activities now can be performed by very clever and sophisticated machines, does this mean we are becoming less efficient? or more practical and satisfying ever so growing demands for quality cup?

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