The Mythos Is the ONE

Nuova Simonelli have taken the title as one of the leading espresso machine experts, the Italian brand has elevated the grinding standards. This beautiful  grinder has been dubbed the best in the industry due to its advance technology which Simonelli have innovated. The ability to get the dose weight and the volume in equal volumes directly makes a difference to the quality of the coffee extraction.

Simonelli then conducted a investigation to see what was causing the lack of equal volumes between the dose weigh and the mythos-onevolume, the study showed it was actually the temperature of the grinding burrs themselves. In other words the air temperature in the coffee bar and the heat created by the coffee equipment was the problem. This led to the innovation of the T3
technology that knocked down the seemingly insurmountable barrier of thermal stability is espresso brewing… and so the Mythos One was born. The temperature control on the T3 and also the PID boiler control technology which was also innovated by Simonelli has allowed them to be at the front line in terms of world standards.

All in all the Nuova Simonelli  is above its competitors when it comes to the technology, and has held the ground of innovation for many years to come. If you are a cafe, restaurant or want to provide yourself and others with Coffee which lingers in perfection. The Mythos One is for you.

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