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Jura x10:

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Jura are releasing the all new bean to cup machine, the  Jura x10 & Jura Cool Control 2.5 litre.

The X10 impresses with its versatility and elegant design, its user – friendliness alongside individuality. The X10, has a professional Aroma grinder which is a high range innovation which delivers its elegant & precise grinding results every time alongside 12.2% more aroma. Many appreciation towards the One -touch function, this also allows you get hold of the imagination with café Barista alongside Lungo Barista.

In addition, to all members who are obsessed with tea, this provides hot water at different sets of levels. By saying this, having its solid, height- adjustable dual spout, this can generate a speciality coffee, or even two beverages simultaneously alongside each other, this can be poured onto glasses or cups by just one touch of the bottom.
The 4.3” high-resolution touchscreen colour display is completely intuitive and easy to navigate around and very responsive.


JURA Cool Control 2.5 litre:

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The very next machine is the JURA 2.5 Cool Control had a excellent upgrade on their Cool Controls.  Now, there’s even a fantastic way in order to enjoy trend specialities with milk. The JURA 2.5 Cool Control, is a skinny & unique design and it can be used in different areas or location were space is limited. Having being said, the milk coolers elongated shape illustrates that it can rapidly be attached onto the kitchens alongside break rooms.

Furthermore, the JURA Cool Control do reflect the classic of JURA look. Having premium materials, a cover made of top quality 1.5 mm thick stainless steel alongside a elegant ventilation slots accentuate the Cool Control’s design.

Also, the JURA 2.5 Cool Control is very calm to handle with alongside this gives out the maximum convenience. The milk can therefore be poured rapidly and calmly with no need of taking of the milk container.  The digital temperature display alongside having properly stuck on cover can easily make the handling easy for yourself without having any problems.

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The Mahlkonig E80 Supreme & Mahlkonig E65S GBW are due to be released soon. The Mahlkonig E80 Supreme is the fastest and one of the most advanced premium grinder known in the market. It amazes with precise dosing, accuracy and especially fast grinding for high capacity utilization – without compromising consistency and taste. The powerful motor with active temperature keeps hold the high daily output whilst still having the consistency of all taste parameters. The E80 Supreme is not only a high-performing, durable and versatile espresso grinder, but its unique steel burrs and the pioneering “Disc Distance Detection” (DDD) enable a different cut of particles which helps to experience pure coffee joy.

The E80 Supreme can be ordered as of March 2020.
First deliveries will be effected in May 2020

Furthermore, once it comes to producing a premium coffee grinding profile for optimal extraction, the burrs size, geometry & material makes the difference. Also, the E80 Supreme has a essential part with supersized 80 mm special steel burrs, including a developed tooth design.


  • Supersized 80 mm special steel burrs
  • Top notch grinding profile for a superior taste experience
  • Powerful motor with active temperature management
    for high-speed performance
  • “Disc Distance Detection” (DDD) enabling
    accurate settings of the degree of fineness
    (patent pending)
  • Adjustable illuminated spout providing a centered coffee outlet
  • High-resolution display with a wide viewing angle



The Mahlkonig E65S GBW is product which is being released soon by Mahlkonig. It is the holy grail of coffee grinding: dosing by a pre-set weight. Forget about dosing by a timer or dosing by volume. Where these dosing methods cause fluctuations, as they get affected by the condition of the coffee or the grind size adjustment, Grind-by-Weight delivers exactly the grams you set. The integrated high-precision load cell underneath the porta-filter support enables ground breaking real-time scale controlled dosing, as it monitors the weight during the entire grinding process. The result: consistently accurate doses.

The E65S GbW can be ordered as of March 2020.
First deliveries will be effected in May 2020

In addition, serving the guest a great taste experience with every single cup is what driving a coffee shop is all about. The E65S GbW makes it easy by providing the most accurate & consistent doses ever.


  • “Grind-by-Weight” technology featuring weight-based dosing
  • Real-time weight control during the grinding process
  • Proven premium grinding profile for a great taste experience
  • Active temperature management maintaining low
    aroma-saving grinding temperatures
  • “Disc Distance Detection” (DDD) enabling
    accurate settings of the degree of fineness
    (patent pending)
  • Adjustable illuminated spout providing a centered coffee outlet






Ditting 807 Product Line Up


Ditting unveiled yet again a great line up at this years Host Milano with new design and perfect grinding mechanism geared towards the professional market. The 807 shop grinder, the 807 Lab Sweet verion and 807 Filter for grinding directly into baskets.

Top 5 key features of the 807 shop grinder:

  • Comprehensive grinding range
    The 807 produces highly precise grinding results ranging from 130 μm to 1400 μm, covering the finest degree (Turkish mocca) all the way up to the coarsest (cold brew). The detailed scale indication on the adjustment wheel offers a reliable orientation to choose and to keep the desired degree of fineness.
  • High performance
    The powerful motor of the 807 effortlessly masters an average output of 450 grams per minute. Even more demanding lighter roasts get ground consistently and at a high speed.
  • Low temperature
    To ensure that the coffee gets ground at low, aroma-saving temperatures, the motor of the 807 is equipped with an individual temperature management. Two active fans regulate the inside temperature of the grinder by producing a continuous airflow along the cooling ribs of the grinding chamber. That way, the warmth gets directed away and the grounds maintain a consistently low temperature.
  • Modern & compact: the design
    The 807 combines modern design language and high-quality materials in a compact grinder body. The distinctive bagholder-knocker-combination and the illuminated LED-start-button are visual highlights of the overall look. The bean hopper has the capacity for 500 grams of beans. It consists of an extra-durable material that is made to sustain high strains.
  • Easy & intuitive use
    The 807 is designed for an intuitive everyday use. After having switched on the grinder by pushing the button on the back, the grinder is in standby mode. Simply choose the degree of fineness and add your beans. The grinder can be stopped and started at the push of a button. In case you forget to stop the grinder, the machine automatically reverts to standby after 5 minutes.

807 LAB SWEET: Single portions with high precision

The 807 LAB SWEET is the only 807 model that is equipped with premium cast steel burrs, featuring a special grinding teeth geometry. These burrs ensure an optimal particle size spread within the grounds in order to achieve an ideal extraction and more sweetness inside the cup.
With close to zero retentions, the 807 LAB SWEET is the perfect grinder for cuppings at the laboratory as well as for grinding single portions at the coffee shop. The foldable tray, which can be height-adjusted steplessly, as well as the grounds vessel ensure perfect usability.

807 FILTER: Fresh grinding for the perfect filter coffee

The 807 FILTER is the first choice for coffee preparation with the filter basket, as its adjustable spout enables clean grinding directly into the center of the coffee filter.
Filter baskets of any common size and shape fit into the height- and width-adjustable support, while plastic filter baskets with thicker edges are also a perfect fit when you simply turn the support by 180°.

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