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DIP DK-200


Today, i introduce you to the robust and faultless DK-200 Known for devoted to perfect grinding.

DIP has developed this coffee grinder so that its whole purpose and fulfillment is high grinding capacity as well as high quality to make it the absolute perfect grinding machine to ensure it makes simple yet flawless cup of coffee for every coffee roaster.

Easy to calibrate, clean and maintain 

Quick simple easy to clean so it is efficient for you to conserve time and get on with things more important like serving a quick delicious cup of coffee to a customer.

maintaining a clean machine isn’t always easy as it seems yet DIP has accomplished that with their DK-200 making it taint-less and unstained which makes it quicker and easy to clean within a minute.

Accurate, wear resistant burrs

Burrs are essential for the accurate grinding of beans which allows for the even extraction of coffee oil to create the perfect crushed bean flavour.

Burrs can create heat which alters the intended flavor of the espresso and also the wear resistant burrs mean that you can preserve the burrs for a sustainable amount of time.

Large grinding capacity at all settings

The DK-200 has a whopping 15kg capacity for your rich coffee beans to be stored and awaiting to be grinded to be sold in a fresh cup of brew to your loyal customer! With the range of settings for the grinding capacity you have more options to perfect your coffee.

The average grinding capacity per Minute is 4-5kg which is incredible and is quite impressive as if you have high volume of customers it’ll simply take a swift 2Mins or even less to prep the customer desired savory brew.

Also minimal service needed and after all this amazing coffee grinder was built to work all day and everyday.

Step-less grind adjustment of grinding fineness 

DIP has made it even easier to use a coffee grinder and adjust the innovated grinding setting which helps you perfect the best possible mouth-watering coffee.

Homogeneous grinding performance that preserves coffee’s aroma

Overall DIP has seriously established a sophisticated coffee grinder which does more than grinding as it preserves and sustains the alluring, radiant aroma of the freshly crushed coffee beans so your customer enjoys a quality cup by yours truly.