Varia Multi Brewer

The Varia is a flexible, six-in-one brewing unit that allows you to make everything from pour over to stove top to cold brew coffee with a single piece of equipment.

The six uses of the brewer are:
1. Pour Over
2. French press
3. Moka Pot
4. Cold Brew
5. Kettle
6. Tea

The brewer is packaged in a tidy well presented black box that gives you the feel of quality and luxury.

The Varia is a well designed piece of kit that gives you allot of options to choose from, although its price is reasonable compared to most brewers; it well can be the only brewer in your house to be multi functional.

Retail price £110 + VAT

further info can be found here https://www.coffeeomega.co.uk/product/varia-brewer/ 






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