Tonino Roast Colour Meter

This one’s for all roasters and coffee addicts that really want to know their roast colour.

Traditionally the colour of coffee has been used to determine the degree of roasts and to enhance consistency in the end product. Nowadays, roast temperatures are recorded to allow the reproduction of previous roasts. However, roast profiles vary widely across different conditions and roaster designs. Thus, to compare roast levels in an unbiased way, Tonino maps the colour of ground coffee to a numeric scale independent of the production process.

One of it’s main feature is it’s size, fits nicely into the portafilter and easily movable, weighting only 50g. No cables or wires as it operates wireless and charges on a dock station.

There is a free app available and you can plot your readings on graph showing different types of grounded coffee colour.

Can be purchased from our web store: www.coffeeomega.co.uk




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