PuqPress Automatic Tamper

Pleased to announce the LIMITED EDITION of the new Q1 PuqPress Automatic tamper. These are now available in all black and all white with the following sizes: 58mm and 58.3mm.

Puqpress is the worlds first ever automatic tamper with adjustable pressure with a touch of a button.

So what this tamper really does and others fail to so is provide consistency with every tamp regardless of amount of coffee used. This in return keeps wastage low, better espresso shots, reduce inconsistency between barista’s and most importantly provides a better workflow in a busy environment.

It can tamp incredibly in 1.3 sec this is faster than tamping by hand, eliminating any occupational wrist related issues.

Pressure can be adjusted by a push of a button and is applied instantly between 10-30 kg (+/- 1kg), weighing only 4kg it is versatile as it can be!

We now have offers if taken with any of our espresso package options.

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