Professional Set-up at Home with Faemina

Anticipated launch by the long standing well known Italian espresso machine manufacturing brand Faema has made it’s mark by by entering the home professional market with the new Faemina, single group dual boiler machine.

The Faemina has an in-built water reservoir ideal for home users that don’t have the capability to directly plumb-in the machine, allowing it’s users to set different temperature settings for the single group or directly to the water tap.

In addition to the usual coffee it can dispense, it can also make filter coffee. The users can place the pourover cone that comes with the machine under the group head, then using the machines friendly touch screen or the dedicated phone app to automate the pourover. Allowing adjustable variables of this pour including the bloom phase, pause intervals, water quantity and flow rates. If you prefer to take your coffee or pourover in larger sized cups do not worry the drip tray can be raised or lowered to accommodate that.

We at Coffee Omega are excited and delighted to have been working with Faema over the past 10 years and building on ethos both companies follow and strive. This puts customers at heart of our operation and understanding what they need and require.

Faemina is now available in few configurations and colour combo’s for a competitive quote pleas email info@coffeeomega.co.uk




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