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It is exciting times for Fellow Stagg EKG electric pour over kettle as it is going to be released soon. We are privileged to have placed a pre-order of the kettle that is due in to us beginning of July 2019. We are encouraging all our customers to pre-order this so to avoid disappointment as we anticipate stock to finish pretty quickly.

The Fellow stagg has an accurate temperature control, therefore this makes the process easier for all brewing types of coffee. This also has a precise profiled gooseneck that allows its user to have a more controlled infusion. This electric kettle provides a built in stopwatch, so this lets you to measure the brewing time of your favourite best coffee. The kettle allows you select your timer on the screen display, but only once the water have reached the temperature. This is also, a unique & elegant electric kettle which is very modern. Its been manufactured by using one of the best stainless steel, where it’s covered by matte black paint.

– Practical Capacity – 900ml
– Variable temperature control from 57 degrees to 100 degrees celsius & Set the temperature in a quick productive way by just turning the knob.
– LCD screen displays gives the temperature in (degrees celsius).
– Unique & elegant design
– Gooseneck provides you the full pour control
– Hold mode, lets you to keep temperature until 60 minutes.
– Kettle automatically turns off after 15 minutes in standby mode.

Watt power – 1200
Dimensions –  29.2 cm x 17.1 cm x 20.3 cm

Email:  info@coffeeomega.co.uk

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