AeroPress and AeroPress Filters

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The AeroPress coffee maker is easy and simple to brew a cup of significant coffee. With this, this associates with 350 AeroPress filters. This coffee maker is not for espresso, it only generates a significant brewed cup of black coffee. Also, the AeroPress has few benefits these are the followings, ‘brews one cup at a time and as i mentioned before, this comes with 350 paper filters, scoop, stirrer, paper filter holder alongside funnel.  This does include with ‘AeroPress Tote Bag’, the bag is very handy when your are travelling. So you are able to keep all your AeroPress essentials together and you can enjoy the perfect brew on the go.

What is AeroPress inverted?
1. insert plunger just enough into Aeropress so it doesn’t fall out.
2. Flip Aeropress over and pour ground coffee into the chamber
3. Add hot water and stir, wait for 30 second
4. Top up with more hot water and stir again, and wait 30 seconds
5. Screw the cap on with the filter paper or metal disc
6. Flip the Aeropress over onto your mug
7. Press plunger all the way down

– Easy & quick
– Easy to clean once used
– Unbreakable

– Height: 10 inches
– Width: 3.5 inches
– Depth: 3.5 inches

More information can be found down below:

Email: info@coffeeomega.co.uk





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