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679.99Traditionally the colour of coffee has been used to determine the degree of roasts and to enhance consistency in the end product. Nowadays, roast temperatures are recorded to allow the reproduction of previous roasts. However, roast profiles vary widely across different conditions and roaster designs. Thus, to compare roast levels in an unbiased way, Tonino maps the colour of ground coffee to a numeric scale independent of the production process.


  • small sample size
  • gesture-driven
  • wireless operation and charging
  • target mode
  • user-defined scales
  • environmentally friendly
  • open-source Tonino app


Included items

  • Tonino roast color meter
  • Micro-USB cable, ~0.3m
  • Wireless charging base
  • Calibration set


Free App can be downloaded



Technical data

Measurement principle Polychromatic reflection
Sensor True Color 64-channel photo detector
Illumination source 4 full-spectrum white LEDs
Observed surface area 5.3cm2
Sample size ca. 20g fine ground coffee
Display OLED color display, 0.96″
Default range 0-200
Time per measurement 2 seconds
Measuring precision ±2 scale divisions
Foreign light influence None
Data interface RS232 serial via USB
Power supply Micro USB
Power consumption 0.25-18mA
Dimensions 4.7cm x 3.8cm x 4.3cm
Weight 50g



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