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Unique on the market: handy, small and professional

This specific range of coffee bean moisture meter is calibrated and tailor made specifically for the coffee industry.
Easy to use and highly portable device that has been used by many companies across the globe.

DRAMINSKI TwistGrain Pro gives possibility of modifying calibration curves. Moisture meter users can calibrate the device on their own, i.e. modify preset moisture curves for each bean type, which curves have been created based on comparative studies with the use of an oven-drying method.

A large graphic and LED- illuminated display allows reading the result in any conditions (field/warehouse, full sun/night). The menu enables the user to adjust the display settings: illumination time, illumination intensity and contrast

The TwistGrain pro device is equipped with the real time clock, which, together with huge data storage capacity, allows recording 50,000 moisture measurements and temperature measurements from the external probe (records with date and hour).

The data storage mode covers up to 400 species and 20 language versions and makes the device a very useful and universal tool for each farmer, expert, drying room operator, gardener, barista or entrepreneur for the food and agriculture industry.

dditionally, you can order the external temperature probe that generates precise measurements (±0.5°C) of crops stored in piles, flat warehouses or silos.

The device can work with any number of probes with varied construction and length (and there is no need to calibrate the probe for the device). Each probe wired up to the moisture meter can be assigned a name according to personal preferences (the data storage capacity allows recording the names of max. 20 probes). This can be now brought separately from our online store

When the name is recorded for a given probe, a catalogue is created in the data storage; this catalogue will accommodate measurement to transfer them to the PC for analysing, generating reports, archiving etc. When the probe is wired up, the device automatically detects it and displays the name.

High-quality stainless-steel guarantees durability (and corrosion resistance). The data storage capacity allows recording 50,000 temperature measurements with date and hour.

The TG Pro comes with a durable mini-USB port that is used to connect an external temperature probe and transfer the data to the PC, automatic updates and moisture curves. That’s why the DRAMINSKI TwistGrain Pro is simply unmatched!!!

Twist Grain Pro has 4 buttons on the keyboard for comfortable and easy operation (the OK button is to confirm, the ESC button to cancel, and the arrow keys ↑↓ help with intuitive navigation).

To ensure full satisfaction, TG pro has many options that are accessed from the menu, such as:

  • the option to choose the number of measurements that are used to calculate average moisture,
  • the option to record the results of single measurements or calculated mean,
  • possibility to make modifications of readings separately for each species (the outcome of modification is seen while measurements are being taken),
  • the option to add new species remotely with special codes,
  • full regulation of display settings,
  • possibility to set the automatic switch-off time,
  • management of external temperature probes (adding, editing, deleting),
  • management of data storage (free space checks, formatting, date and time setting),
  • the option to choose the language interface
  • the option to change the temperature range,
  • and many other useful functionalities with unrestricted access


Basic types of Coffee and measurement ranges:
Cocoa ………………….. 3.9% – 20.9%
Green Coffee Robusta ……. 5.8% – 30.3%
Green Coffee Arabica…….. 5.0% – 29.9%
Parchment coffee Arabica ….. 8.0% – 39.0%
Dry coffee cherry ………… 6.0% – 21.0%
Coffee Arabica coarsely milled ………….. 2.0% – 10.5%
Coffee Arabica finely milled …………….. 2.0% – 9.5%
Coffee Robusta coarsely milled ………….. 2.0% – 11.5%
Coffee Robusta finely milled …………….. 2.5% – 8.5%
Roasted coffee Arabica …… 2.0% – 9.5%
Roasted coffee Robustata … 2.0% – 9.0%

What’s included:

  • DRAMINSKI TwistGrain pro moisture meter,
  • squeeze cap for the measuring chamber (with 3V CR-2032 type built-in battery),
  • transport casing,
  • belt for hanging the transport casing,
  • 4x alkaline batteries, AA type, 1.5V,
  • rubber blind stopper for USB port,
  • USB cable for PC connection,
  • transport packaging,
  • professional user manual.


3 years warranty on parts

Technical Spec:
Dimension: 16.5 × 7.0 × 7.5 cm
Weight: 520 g (with batteries and the tightening cap)
Sample capacity:  90ml
Power supply:  4 batteries 1.5V type AA + 1 battery 3V type CR-2032
Measurement resolution:  humidity – 0.1%, temperature – 0.1°C/°F
Temperature measurement range:  from 0°C to 125°C
Data save:  Internal storage
Display:  graphic LCD LED backlit, diagonal 2”
Keyboard:  automatically included


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