WMF 8000S Coffee Machine

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WMF 8000s Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

The WMF 8000S is the New-Generation-Platform’s premium model. Its design harmonises with every single machine in this line. And with a large interface: in ensures that man and machine get on from the word go – from the very first point contact. Superior quality coffee performance is further ensured by the WMF high performance brewer and grinder. The WMF 8000S makes perfect coffee because it is perfect – both technically and by design.

Up to 350 cups a day

W: 390mm
H: 744mm
D: 598mm
Adjustable dispense-head: 59-169mm
Weight: ~76kg

Easy to use machine
Easy to clean daily – automatic programme
Able to produce hot water for tea
42 different drink selection
Cup lift – automatically rasied to optimum pouring height
Barista button to change strength of coffee
Plug+Clean system
WMF Dynamic Milk System
Space-saving design to keep foot-print minimal
Touch display easy to use
LED illumination – any colour of choice!
Light rings – lights up when hopper is empty
Low noise emissions 

Stainless steel grinders – so very low noise emission
Optional: steam arm which is automatic and capable of producing 3 different types of milk, eg. creamy, foam etc
Integrated cup steamer to steam cups
24L water tank

You can either purchase this great machine or spread the costs by leasing over 3 or 5 years.


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