Wilfa Precision Coffeemaker

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The Norwegian-designed Wilfa Precision brewer / coffee maker is equal in both its artistry and functionality and in a league of its own amongst other filter coffee makers and precision brewers.

The water tank is removable and has a water and coffee scale for easy dosing. The removable filter allows you to measure the coffee even with the help of a scale. The filter has a Flow Control feature, ie a flow controller, which allows you to optimize the extraction time, even if you are brewing a small amount of coffee.

– Detachable water tank with rapid boiling
– Has an Italian water pump of high quality that drains the machine completely from the water after each cycle.
– Provides only fresh water and is used for each brew
– Adjustable flow control to perfectly craft your coffee
– The patented heating system guarantees a perfect brewing temperature from the first drop to the last.
– The double wall filter holder increases heat stability
– Integrated warming plate to give you time to enjoy
– The hotplate keeps the coffee warm for 40 minutes, after which the brewer turns off automatically.


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