Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Volumetric T3

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The Speciality Machine

Taking leaps in design and innovation this machine combines critical dynamics to deliver exceptional espresso creation; T3 and Volumetric technologies.

T3 Technology
Three different barista controlled temperature parameters for extraction and profile accuracy:
  1. Water and steam boiler
  2. Individual group head boiler
  3. Group head heating element

Available in three different colours: Steelux White & Matt Black

Volumetric Technology
Guarantees consistency in total brew weight, as a critical parameter of quality in the cup, by stabilising water flow through group heads.
SIS Soft Infusion System
Gradual increases in water pressure pre-wets 85% of the coffee cake increasing espresso extraction efficiency and consistency.
Barista Profile Design
Ergonomic, low profile design considers; push/pull steam levers, raised group-heads, a high visibility work surface, and customer interaction.
Brew Safely
Teflon-coated porta-filters and dual ‘cool touch’ steam wands with auto-steam option ensure coffee volume and consistency is maintained.
LCD Display
The new TFT graphic display with rotary switch menu enables bespoke output parameters e.g. shot timing, group temperature and energy saving settings, and compliments individual group head LEDs.
Semi-Automatic Cleaning
Allows independent cleaning of each individual group.
POWER: Three-phase 3 x 220 – 240V, 3L-N-PE, 16A, 50/60Hz. This can be hardwired into an appropriate isolator or the machine can be supplied with a commando plug fitted (please confirm at time of machine order).
WATER: This machine requires a 15ml cold water feed with isolated stop valve, ¾ inch screw fittings used (standard for washing machines). 3 bar pressure is needed to run the machine, very high/low pressure will need to be addressed prior to install with a pump fitted for low pressure and a regulator fitted for high pressure.
FILTER: A compulsory Brita p1200 water filter will be supplied and installed with the coffee machine. Please make sure there is sufficient room for the filter next to the water supply (dimensions below).

WASTE: This machine requires 1 ¾ inch down pipe, 8 inches minimum connected to a P trap below the machine.

Specification – 2 GROUP
Dimensions (mm) W: 825 D: 695 H: 490
Weight (kg) Net Gross: 110
Boiler (l) Litres: 11,4l
Voltage Volt: 208–240
Power Watt: 7300

Largest Recommended Cup: Weight: 8oz

Specification – 3 GROUP
Dimensions (mm) W: 1075 D: 695 H: 490
Weight (kg) Net Gross: 130
Boiler (l) Litres: 17,3l
Voltage Volt: 410 – three phase
Power Watt: 9100

Largest Recommended Cup: Weight: 8oz

  • special colour on demand
  • “cool touch nano tech” – steam nozzle
  • “easy cream” steam nozzle
  • low feet version – H = 435mm


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