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The Eagle One is a new machine which has been developed to make it accessible to all coffee community from professionals to new experienced barista. The NEO Technology is known as (New Engine Optimisation) which means it is a new approach or a new optimal approach to heating water for brewing espresso. The Eagle One is different new machine which there are new boiler, also new pressure in the system alongside new material for insulation, this whole machine has been designed to be more compact & more efficient.

Colour availability: Steelux, Matte Black & White


– Cool Touch Wand
– Easy Cream
– Group Cover
– Display Touch
– Multi – function TFT display
– Volumetric dosing
– Stainless steel portafilters
– Hot water with 2 programmable doses
– LED Lights


2 groups –
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 758 x 576 x 473 mm
Cupwarmer: 336 x 667 mm
Group Height: 105 mm
Power: 500 W
Cupwarmer: 400 W

3 groups –
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 988 x 576 x 473 mm
Cupwarmer: 336 x 897 mm
Group Height: 106 mm
Power 6500 W
Cupwarmer: 500 W


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