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VBM brewing group must be considered as the alter ego of Faema historical group; both conceived by Carlo Ernest Valente, they can be considered as twins.

The intuitions providing the guidelines for VBM-E61 project went together with the principles of the first mathematical models about espresso process, even now considered the golden rule for the perfect Italian Espresso: to get a certain volume of drink (30 ml), in a certaine time (30 seconds), with certain temperatures/pressures values (90 °/9bar), by grinding and pressing (20 kgf) a certain quantity of coffee powder (6,5 gr.).


Multiboiler technology has a certainly more limited application compared to its direct competitor, the HX version; anyway, the multiboiler is moving onward and upward both for machine operators and for public.

VBM was the first manufacturer able to successfully combine the E61 group with Multiboilers technology and is now the only company improving this technology.

– Copper boiler flooded 0.5l. for dispensing coffee.
– Copper boiler 0,7 l. for the production of hot water and steam
– Hot Water Wand
– Loading service boiler, via a vibration pump
– Pre-calibrated thermostat for the control of the correct pressure present in the coffee boiler.
– Pre-calibrated pressure switch for the control of the correct pressure in service boiler.
– The heating element is constituted by an electrical resistor immersed in the boiler; it allows the heating of the water and the steam production.
– Dispensing unit in chrome-plated brass.
– Vibration pump.
– Water / steam nozzle in chrome-plated copper with ergonomic knob
– Water tanks in plastic for food use having a capacity of 2.5 ltr
– Control of water level of the reservoir through the sensor
– Control lamps for power machine, insertion of coffee boiler resistance’, no water in the tank
– Gauge indicating the pressure of the pump
– Pressure gauge indicating the pressure of the steam boiler

– Dimension: (WxDxH) 22.5 x 42 x 34 cm
– Voltage: 230V – 16 A
– Power: 1600W
– Net Weight: 21kg
– Boiler Size: 1.4ltr



no water in the tank
– Gauge indicating the pressure of the pump
– Pressure gauge indicating the pressure of the steam boiler



1 review for Vibiemme Domobar Junior 2B

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Living in North Yorkshire doesn’t give me a much access to trying out a espresso machine before buying it. After speaking with various friends and reading what I could find on-line, I settled on a budget of -£1,000 and either a heat exchanger (HX) or dual boiler machine. The brands I considered included Isomac, Bezzera, Quickmill and Vibiemme. Most distributors were keen to promote and sell only the machines they carried. Not having any luck getting through the main number for Coffee Omega I left a message for them to call me back. On the same day I received a call after hours from Rokib the sales rep for Coffee Omega, who patiently talked me through the various machine they carried, including others that I was interested in, which they had distributed in the past. After further discussions I finally settled on the Vibiemme Domobar Junior 2B. The only other machine i considered was the Bezzera, where I would have paid a slight premium for the better looks, but not the quality. I received the machine 2 days after payment. The machine was very well packed into a strong, reusable box. The Vibiemme is made to a very high quality with a clean functional aesthetic. The innards of the machine can be easily accessed for servicing and the water reservoir can be filled from the top. The Vibiemme like its sister company FAEMA are the only ones to use the original E61 grouphead (before it came off patent and copied by various competitors in varying quality and design). In use the Vibiemme is very much intuitive and easy to use. Once up to temperature, about 20 minutes it remains very stable and consistently draws perfect shots of espresso. Of course this will vary with the coffee beans and especially the grinder. Heating milk (simultaneously while drawing a shot) is simple and quick. Cleaning the machine with the blind portafilter is easy, but keeping the mirror-finish exterior is not! After nearly 2 months of continuous daily use, the Vibiemme remains a wonderful machine and given the quality, I’m certain for many more years to come.

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