The Force Tamper 58.0mm

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The Force Tamper is an adjustable constant pressure punch tamper with auto leveling. Different from conventional tampers, this tamper generates punch by itself with certain preset pressure instead of manual static force. The generated pressure will be same each time independent to how the operation is done. It is also equipped with an auto leveling plate that will assist to keep distribution by spinning the handle. The benefit of the design/ style includes less stamina consumed while tamping, improved coffee distribution and less wrist related issues.

The tamper head and the handle can be exchanged by user easily for different requirement. The body is made of food grade stainless steel and the handle top is made of wood. The inspiration of this product comes not only to make tamping more easy and enjoyable but also make tamping procedure controllable by the barista.

The Force Tamper will work hand in hand with the barista’s and eliminate and reduce occupational issues with tamping.

There are few variations of the tamper to suit different tamping styles and hands.

What’s included:

  • Tamper 58.0mm or 58.35mm or 58.5mm
  • Handler style: mushroom or ball
  • Flat base


Weights only 314g

Additional information


58.0mm, 58.35mm, 58.5mm


Mushroom or Ball


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