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The Robur S is a unique grinder for any coffee shops which are high in volume. Combining technological advances, the latest grinder upgrades dose consistency and takes away coffee retention by a percentage of 52%. As part of this, this grinder has a fantastic grinding speed (average for espresso 1s/5g – 50Hz), alongside low RPM (420 RPM – 50 Hz).

The cooling system on the coffee grinder is very fascinating, it has dual fan were it keeps the coffee secured from temperatures exposure, keep maximum aroma.

Also the Robur S features, a quick easy flow for cleaning of the grinding chamber alongside you would not your grip. In addition, grinding adjustment is pretty easy and simple from the user-friendly Memory Track system. The latest built-in memory board is able to keep hold on track of coffee statistics, any tracks maintenance updates alongside this is cloud compatible.


Colour Availability only in Black
Programmable single, double and triple dose buttons
Ergonomically designed control panel with broad viewing angle (>160°)
Manual grinding mode
Time adjustment of a hundredth of an second
Able to structure a maximum dose cap
Programmable Pause Function for a better coffee distribution
Day-to-day grinding statistics
Total & Partial dose counter
IOT features, in order to keep your grinders be a part to your cloud.
Alerts on service needs


  • Ideal for high volume use
  • Programmable push button operation for single and double shot grind
  • Conical blades with stepless micrometrical grind adjustment
  • 900 watt motor, 71mm conical grinder blades
  • Electronic dose adjustment
  • Digital display with shot counter. Ventilation device with electronic control to keep the motor cool.
  • Single and double dose with independent adjustment
  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • Large 1.8kg bean hopper


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