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The Mazzer Kold Electronic allows the barista to program a specific grind time for both a single and a double shot using the touch panel on top of the dosing chamber. The graphic display on the panel shows your chosen shot time, as well as keeping record of total shots ground. The programmable single, double and triple buttons can be set in .05 of a second increments. It grinds directly into your portafilter for minimal waste.

The new KOLD S is built following a cool, sleek and forward looking design. Kold S conveys cutting-edge technology and premium quality. Besides enhanced performances in terms of consistency and retention (reduced of 52%), Kold S is characterised by the particular attention it pays to the temperature of the coffee beans. The coffee gets protected against exposure to heat even should grinding times be extended, thanks to a specifically designed mechanical construction and to a double cooling system.

The Mazzer Kold sits above the Robur in the range and is among the largest and most capable machines that they make. Intended purely for heavy commercial use.It has an excellent grinding speed (average for espresso 1.4s/7g) with low RPM (420 RPM – 50 Hz) and a blot driven transmission to keep the motor heat away from the grinding chamber.

Mazzer grinders are particularly well suited to busy coffee shops thanks to their amazing reliability and industry-leading durability. The sleek and eye-catching design of the Kold guarantees it will take pride of place in your coffee shop or café without looking industrial or unattractive. On the contrary, it is a thing of beauty and something to be admired.


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