La Spaziale S8 EK 2 Group Automatic

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La Spaziale EK S8 2 Group Automatic

La Spaziale was founded in 1969 by individuals with a strong and innovative history in the espresso industry, dating back to 1947. La Spaziale is a very dynamic yet flexible company that is responsive to the reality that different markets have different needs. Having over ten different models to choose from, La Spaziale will have a fit for most any application.

The S8 and S9 are a step up from the popular S5. Basically the only difference between the two is that the S8 has conventional turn knobs for the Steam Wands and Hot Water and the S9 have “lever” type controls. Most choices these days are for the EK versions which are fully automatic with 4 programmable dose controls per Group with a manual free flow override function. There is an EP version, which is free flow semi-automatic. All versions are available in Takeaway Height (T.A.). They come in 2 – 4 Group with 10, 15 and 20 Litre Boilers respectively. There is also 2 Group standard height Compact model with a 5 Litre Boiler.

As with other La Spaziale models the S8 and S9 have various build options such as the addition of a third fully automatic foaming Steam Arm with adjustable temperature control cut off. Individual Group Head temperature control. Preset hot water for infusions. Service Schedule Control System and Water Filter Cartridge Control. It also comes in a multitude of colours..


  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting
  • Electronic boiler refill
  • Electric heating system
  • Pressure gauge for boiler pressure control
  • Pressure gauge for pump pressure control
  • 1 hot water outlet / 2 steam wands
  • Electronic boiler temperature regulation
  • Boiler temperature indicated by LED display
  • Automatic operating temperature boost function
  • Control of malfunctions alarms
  • Built-in volumetric pump in the S8
  • S9 EK – EP T.A. version
  • Built-in volumetric pump on request in the S8
  • S9 EK – EP version
  • Electric cup warmer available on request
  • Possibility to deactivate the electric heating system
  • Upgraded boiler heating element available on request
  • Distance of 16 cm between delivery spouts and drip tray for “take away” cups in the S8
  • S9 EK – EP T.A. version
  • Grids for espresso cups in the S8•S9 EK – EP T.A. version

Width: 770mm, Height: 520mm, Depth: 530mm,
Weight: 65kg,
Capacity: 10 ltrs,
Power: 3500 wat

Width: 770mm, Height: 600mm, Depth: 530mm,
Weight: 70kg,
Capacity: 10 ltrs,
Power: 3500 watt

Extra Options
• Electric cup warmer
• Automatic system for milk emulsion with adjustable temperature
• Individual temperature control for each delivery group
• Pre-set hot water delivery for infusions
• Extraction timer function
• Coffee counter
• Chrome body
• Gold body

Coffee Omega is approved La Spaziale UK retailer, all products are UK specification and UK supported.



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