La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi MK II

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The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi is unique in that it has an internal water tank 3L which is filled manually. That means no water mains connection is required. It’s the first manual fill espresso machine in the UK, making it extremely suitable for home use as well as commercial premises which have limited space and a steady but comparitively low demand for espresso. It does of course also feature an integrated driptray so there is no need to have a waste pipe fitted underneath the machine.

This added functionality and flexibility does not mean the S1 Mini Vivaldi fails to live up to the performance that can be expected from a La Spaziale machine. Eventhough it is compact, it still features La Spaziale’s patented steam heat exchange system as well as giving you complete control over the temperature of the espresso shot; allowing you to regulate the water temperature with steps of 1 degree at the simple press of a button. Inside the machine you will find a smaller boiler (0.45L) for coffee delivery to make space for the internal water tank. However, there is still a separate 1.2L boiler for steam and hot water delivery which ensures you have the power available to quickly deliver both espresso and steam when required.

The La Spazialle Mini Vivaldi weighs approx. 27kg and features a professional stainless steel finish. The coloured side panels lift the overal appearance of the machine. The internal water tank is easy to remove and there is ready access to the drip tray. A lever replaces the traditional turning knob for the delivery of steam. One of the benefits of a steam lever is the ability for instant delivery of steam and the similar ability to stop the steam immediately by knocking the lever back up. A simple control panel allows you to program the proportions of the doses. The panel also features the LED strip which indicates the current temperature.

Like the plumbed S1 version (S1 Vivaldi), the inside of the machine demonstrates the high quality of workmanship through the exclusive use of high grade materials. The Mini Vivaldi features a built-in vibrating pump as well as a built-in safety thermostat; semi-automatic hot water water delivery for infusions; fully electronic boiler refill and electronic temperature regulation of the coffee delivery group. The machine monitors the water level inside the 3L water tank and an indicator will alert you to refill this. Inside the 3L water tank is a filter cartridge to provide a consistent quality of water and prevent scale build up.


  • Electronic one group coffee machine
  • Proportioned dose setting
  • Electric heating
  • Electronic temperature regulation for coffee delivery group
  • Electronic temperature control of the boiler for hot water and steam delivery
  • Built-in safety thermostats
  • Indicator to warn of low water level in the tank


Dimensions: 415 × 415 × 385 mm

Colour Options:


Black                                      Red                        Light Grey/ Silver

Coffee Omega is approved La Spaziale UK retailer, all products are UK specification and UK supported.


12 months parts warranty


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