Bestmax Water Filter XL Kit

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The New Way of Optimising Water in the Catering Sector

Bestmax is the all-round filtration solution for optimal coffee water, for fresh drinking water and for optimal pure steam for cooking. Bestmax means: simple installation, effective protection against scale, first class taste. And flexibility for all product sizes thanks to the ingenious Single-Head-Technology.

Bestmax Filter Cartridges mean top technology and effective protection againstscale deposits. They are tailor-made for the compact class of coffee machines, vending machines, combisteamers/ovens and ice cube machines. In the catering sector, even drinking water should always be optimised with the bestmax technology. Your water is then always free of particles, tastes excellent and has no odour, making it the ideal ingredient for food and drinks. The aroma of speciality coffees in particular benefits from this.

Bestmax filter cartridges offer top technology for the compact class of coffee machines, vending machines, combi steamers/ovens and ice cube machines. But they also bring a huge increase in quality to normal drinking water in a carafe. Particle-free and odourless, the water tastes excellent — the ideal ingredient for meals and drinks, and a safe bet for aromatic coffee specialities. 

Top Technology

4x filtration
Including filtration of the bypass water
Very constant water quality
Can be used horizontally and vertically

Connection Technology

Direct, one-off bypass setting at the filter head
Automatic shut-off valve when changing filter
Pivoting wall mounting




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