Barista Hustle 58.4mm Tamper

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Professional tamper from  Barista Hustle , made of aluminium and stainless steel, with 58.4 mm diameter. Lightweight, with replaceable base and construction that eliminates vacuuming.  A good tamper is one of the key elements in achieving a perfect espresso – well-tamped coffee improves the water flow and adds consistency.


– 58,4 mm diameter, fits most VST baskets.
– Handle providing optimal grip. Made of anodized aluminium, with 304 stainless steel base.
– tight portafilter fit combined with a unique double flange between the base and top slope of the handle eliminates potential vacuuming created by a traditional thick piston face. This reduces channelling and provides a more stable puck for extraction.
– Lightweight – weighing only 250g.
– Each Barista Hustle Tools Tamper comes with a black canvas zipper case with a custom-made interior moulding for a snug and safe fit.


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