3M Reverse Osmosis System

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3M Reverse Osmosis System

The Reverse Osmosis filtration system provides two water qualities for specialty coffee and flash steam applications, which means that only one filtration is required for all the back-of-house catering equipment typically found in a professional kitchen – from steamers and combi ovens to ice machines, bulk coffee brewers and espresso machines. These are all expensive pieces of equipment to buy and maintain so the elimination of multiple filtration units presents significant cost and time savings.

Drinking water will vary as a result of water inconsistencies from location to location. With the 3M TM SGLP2 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, you can save £1000s a year on scale-related maintenance and equipment-replacement costs.

How Does the ScaleGARD LP2 Reverse Osmosis System Work?

The heart of the ScaleGard LP2 system is a state-of-the-art high-production reverse osmosis membrane. Raw water, under pressure, is forced
through microscopic pores in the synthetic membrane while larger dissolved solids (ions) and heavy molecular weight contaminants are continually flushed away as reject water. Filtered water travels between the double-sided membrane until it reaches a center core, which then delivers the product water to the equipment or storage tanks. Minerals may be added into the water for recipe-quality taste while straight RO water can be fed to a steamer oven.
System features
  • High-production RO membranes reduce the minerals that cause lime scale & the resulting equipment damage & maintenance costs.
  • Better tasting speciality coffee with adjustable precision blending valve.
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) cartridge design helps reduce the possibility of contamination during change-outs.
  • Patented cartridge interconnect system with quick and easy cartridge change-outs. No spills, no mess.
  • Delivers a sufficient amount of water, even during peak time, from a built-in 2.5 gallon pressure tank and a remote 20-gallon storage tank (see Plumbing Diagram).
  • Rugged rust and corrosion-resistant bracket design allows system to be wall mounted.
  • Pressure gauge indicates outlet supply pressure.
  • Keeps running during high-demand periods and power outages with automatic non-electrical bypass.

System Features

The package as detailed below will include:

  • The RO unit (see image above)
  • 1 HF40-s pre filter cartridge (as part of the unit)
  • 2 RO membrane cartridge (as part of the unit)
  • 1 Water tank (as part of the unit)
  • 1 Additional 2.5 gallon water tank (recommended 1 per piece of equipment)
  • Water booster pump

You will need to change the membrane and HF40-s pre filter every 12-18 months (volume depending)

Warranty: 12 months





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