Vibiemme Replica Levetta 2 Group HX Dual Fuel

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Vibiemme Replica Levetta 2 Group HX Duel Fuel

The two or 3 group Levetta HX is now available as duel fuel machine so you are able to use it with propane or methane gas.

Piston Group

Choosing the piston group means taking a journey back in time through the decades of the history of espresso: a return to the origins, when the boundary between man and machine was indistinguishable, and the sensitive touch of the barista made the difference between a decent espresso and an exceptional one. This is why many baristas consider the lever coffee machine an unparalleled must-have and, still, the only machine that truly makes an espresso “as once”.


Filter diameter: 58mm
Boiler: 1 x 12l,   3 groups  1 x 18l, 4 groups  1 x 27l
Steam wands:  1 x steam wands + 1 x steam taps
Hot water wand:  1 x hot water wand + 1 x hot water tap
Electric cup warmer with on/off switch
2 groups  4000W / 240v
3 groups  5000w / 240v
4 groups  5000w / 240v
Size:   W x H x D  cm
2 groups  73 x 55 x 60    85kg
3 groups  90 x 55 x 60   95kg
4 groups  115 x 55 x 60 105kg

Whats included:
English instruction manual, blind filter, charge tube 3/8″ gas, discharge rubber tube, easyflat double filter holder and a gas conversion kit.

Warranty: 12 months P/L on site

Please note: image shown is a 3 group


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