Top 5 Coffee Machines

Top 5 coffee machines for new start-ups

You’ve always had this idea of running your own café or coffee shop but don’t know where to start or the daunting task of making these crucial decisions of what to buy and where to get it from. This blog will help you make these decisions and hopefully by the end you will have a clear idea what direction to take. We will be looking at top 5 options for coffee shops.

The Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech
First on the list is the fantastic black eagle gravitech traditional coffee machine manufactured by the Simonelli group based in Italy.

The Black Eagle Grav sits comfortably at the top of the Victoria Arduino’s speciality coffee machine range. It’s dedicated to those who have given their time and lives in research, study, and experiment to bring the perfect cup!

Gravitech configurations together with the T3 technology gives that extra control of temperature stability, resulting in maximum precision, control and accuracy regardless of workload or environmental condition. This achieves higher level of consistency and control over brewing process maximizing the precision in every cup. Brew ratio is the relationship between the weight of the ground coffee and the liquid in the cup, although there isn’t an ideal brew ratio as it varies for each coffee, but gravimetric technology in the Black Eagle means you can achieve the same brew ratio consistently.

Victoria Arduino Mythos One
Second on the list is the illusive Victoria Arduino Mythos One grinder with Clima Pro technology. One might say all grinders are the same, they grind coffee. Yes they do! But some give greater control over grind profile, consistency of dosing and unwanted wastage. Mythos One was born to give greater control of grind consistency, this was achieved by adding controlled amount of heat to the burr chamber. Combine this with the unique clump crusher system which gives fluffier grinds and you get a fantastic accurate grinder that’s consistent with dosing.

Fetco CBS 2131 XTS
Filter coffee is becoming popular and coffee shops are looking into ways of capitalising on this. Fetco are becoming pioneers in the field of batch brewing hence why our third choice is the 2131 XTS as its ideal for any café, restaurant, bar or even office. Featuring the Extrator Brewing system with touch screen navigation making it very easy to use. It can produce approx 14.5 – 29 litres of coffee per hour making it great value for money.

Markibar Izaga On Demand
Our fourth and easily the best new comer to the industry is the Markibar Izaga grinder. Manufactured and engineered in Spain by 2 dedicated engineering experts in the field of grinders. The grinder has the ability to switch between on demand grind option and pre-grind, so you are still able to grind on demand when less busy but yet have the option to switch to pre-grind during busy times. The grinder gives you consistency and speed and plays a vital role in optimising workflow.

Not last but the least Ubermilk! This piece of kit is absolutely amazing and a must have for any coffee shop, restaurant or hotel. It streamlines the workflow for the barista giving enough time for the barista to engage with customers. It allows you to froth milk touch of a button eliminating milk froth inconsistency, reducing milk wastage, increasing efficiency and speed and training issues. You need to see it to believe it!

There you have it, the top 5 coffee machines for coffee shops, restaurants or hotel.

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