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Future begins! are you ready?

In this energetic world, Victoria Arduino now presents you ‘EAGLE ONE’, the experienced espresso coffee machine has now became its centre of expression alongside personality towards the coffee shop including the barista. The ‘EAGLE ONE’ is going to be released very soon, with this being said, the latest generation of coffee shops where design, sustainability alongside performance are now determining elements to generate a unique & memorable experience.

Also, the ‘EAGLE ONE’ is a considerable choice for barista’s having passion in creating tasteful coffee. For all professionals, their number one criteria is to delight & make their customers happy every time, or even produce coffee which makes them feel good about themselves alongside brings an excitement when serving. The ‘EAGLE ONE’ is a machine which has been manufactured on doing this.

Furthermore, what makes the ‘EAGLE ONE’ more sustainable…

Sustainability had inspired the whole project on making the ‘EAGLE ONE’. In the latest generation barista, it is essential to have a top range machine in terms of efficiency & energy savings. Moving on, the ‘EAGLE ONE’ still remains more compact compared to other coffee machinery of the same category.
The compact size illustrates more logistics benefits (as its more easy adaptable to any sorts of space including small areas). Profitability, alongside energy efficiency. Smaller machine do, but the downsize is it has less heat dispersion. Also, thanks to latest unique design, new materials are used (aluminum & stainless steel). The ‘NEW’ NEO engine (New Engine Optimization) alongside the innovative technology T.E.R.S (Tempreture Energy Recovery System).

Release date & Pre – Orders:
The release date for the ‘Victoria Arduino Eagle One’ has been planned be for first quarter of 2020, the great news is time is very close and we will be taking pre-orders from January 2020.

– Cool Touch Wand
– Easy Cream
– Group Cover
– Display Touch


2 groups –
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 758 x 576 x 473 mm
Cupwarmer: 336 x 667 mm
Group Height: 105 mm
Power: 500 W
Cupwarmer: 400 W

3 groups:
Dimensions: (WxDxH) 988 x 576 x 473 mm
Cupwarmer: 336 x 897 mm
Group Height: 106 mm
Power 6500 W
Cupwarmer: 500 W

Email: info@coffeeomega.co.uk





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