Ratio Eight Coffee Maker – Review

Ratio Eight is the one of the latest coffee brewer in the market, it is stylish premium automated coffee brewer that mimics hand-pouring of a chemex. It gives the user the convenience of getting this done automatically by a brewer and fits in between of getting a pour-over professionally done and less expensive machine.

Well packaged with few layers this is handy taken the brewer has glass element to it. No assembly required just plug and play element to it.

The size of the Ratio Eight is rather big and this can be noticed when the package is delivered.  Made from high quality glass, wood and metal. No plastic or minimal is used hence making it BPA-free, one of very few that can make that claim!

Once set up it is so easy to use, you just click the ‘brew’ button and bingo it does the rest for you. Just sit back, relax and await your coffee.

With the price tag of approx £530 + VAT it isn’t cheap, it is top end of the premium scale and can be considered one of the most expesnisve home pour over machines.

Won’t go into details of how to brew as this part is fun and you need to experience it yourself. But the brewing process can take between 3-6 minutes dependent on amount of coffee you are making.

Do we like it? ofcourse although the price tag can be way too much to consider this as an essential part of home pour over machines.






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