WMF 1500S+ Coffee Machine

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WMF 1500S+ Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Having a 10-inch touch display, the latest WMF 1500S+ machine offers all information at a peak alongside promotional offers, nutritional information & usage videos. Also medium-built coffee enterprises in a huge range of areas, many templates allows the fully automatic machine achieve the needs from all users visually, functionally.


– Basic Milk: Hot milk foam – fully automated by using drink spout
– Easy Milk: Hot & Cold milk, Hot milk foam – fully automated using the drink spout
– Dynamic Milk: Hot and cold milk, hot and cold milk foam – fully automated using the drink spout. As well different kinds of hot and cold milk foam textures.
– Basic SteamHot drinks, hot milk and hot milk foam – using the steam wand. Manual switching on and off.

Plug+Clean (for Basic Milk)
This system produces hot water & steam to clean the milk system by just plugging the Plug+Clean adapter onto the Plug+Clean socket of the cooler/machine. Also, decreases the need to dismantle the milk foam per day & decrease manual cleaning in the cleaning fluid for only one per week.

Easy Clean (for Easy Milk)
In addition, this fully automatic system for only the Easy Milk system consists a special cleaning lid alongside soluble cleaning tablets. After the connection of the milk hose towards the cleaning container, this machine distributes water onto the container, soon after cleanses & rinses the machine automatically with the cleaning solution & steam. Therefore, the milk foamer is refreshed manually once per week.

Clean in Place (for Dynamic Milk)
The most advanced cleaning system operates in a similar way as the Easy Clean System, however having the extra advantage that the milk foamer would be cleansed by itself by the system. It is user-friendly efficiency for all types of machines having Dynamic Milk System.

– Up to 2 grinders
– Professional Brewer
– High Output
– Chilled Coffee
– Milk System
– Fresh filter coffee
– WMF Coffee Connect
– Dynamic Milk Asset
– Dynamic Coffee Asset
– Illuminated Side Panels
– Individual Beverage size

– Nominal output/Power Supply: 2.75 – 3.25 kw/220 -240 V
– Recommended daily/max hourly output: Up to 180 cups
– Coffee bean hopper: Right and Left approx – 1100g, centred approx 550g
– Choc or topping hopper: Approx 1500g
-External dimensions: (WxHxD) – 325 / 706 / 590 mm
– Empty weight: Approx 37 kg
– Continuous sound pressure level: <70 dB(A)
– Water Supply: Water tank (approx 4.5lt) or xed water supply


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