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Specialist for freshly ground coffee

Filtered Coffee tastes best when it is made using freshly ground beans – exactly the way that WMF1200F does it! The perfect cup or larger volumes of filtered coffee can be prepared at high-speed: 0.5 litres of freshly ground and filtered coffee can be brewed in just 65 seconds. Thus filling up a large mug or thermal jug is just a matter of moments. Furthermore the optional quantity brewing arm allows dispensing of coffee into large insulated jugs. Whether it is used as additional equipment for a WMF specialty machine, to make coffee for breakfast or to provide coffee for large meetings and many guests, the WMF1200F ensures the outstanding coffee experience.

Up to six beverage buttons

Labels are easy to alter. Cups, pots and mugs can all be used. Why not ring the changes!

Freshness and speed

0.5 liters of coffee made from freshly ground beans: freshly brewed in just 65 seconds.

Hot water

Hot water e.g. for tea produced at the perfect temperature – at the touch of a button.

Height-adjustable spout

Makes coffee-dispensing easier: for cups, pots and mugs of up to 165 mm in height.

Slim design means more combos

Thanks to its sleek dimensions, the machine fits in anywhere. Combining it with the WMF1200S enables the preparation of any coffee specialty.

A second coffee grinder

Provides for example the additional option of offering decaffeinated from the whole bean.

Extendable quantity brewing arm

Larger volumes of coffee can be dispensed by using an optional brewing arm that extends from the side. It is possible to fill jugs up to 170 mm in diameter and 395 mm in height.


Standard Model 1 (Plumbed tank)

Item code: 03.1210.0105
2.9 kW / 230 V
Basic Milk, 1 grinder, hot water, steam jet,
4.5 ltr water tank


Standard Model 2 (Plumbed tank)

Item code: 03.1210.0403
2.9 kW / 230 V
Basic Milk, 1 grinder, 1 chocolate hopper, hot water, steam jet,
4.5 ltr water tank

Extra add on:

Set of legs (100 mm) item code: 03.1299.0001
Grounds discharged through counter item code: 03.1299.2001



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