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Wilfa Uniform is an automatic coffee grinder developed in collaboration with Tim Wendelboe – the 2004 World Barista Champion, 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion, and multiple Nordic Roaster of the year. The device is dedicated for home use, perfect for the beginners, as well as for experienced coffee enthusiasts. This grinder was made to make you enjoy possibly the best coffee every day! Among its advantages, one can name wide grinding setting (recommended especially for pour-over methods, however, works also for espresso), built-in scale, and precise flat burrs 

Uniform is recommended especialy for pour-over methods, however, it works also for espresso. To change the grind setting, you simply turn the upper element. The scale offers 41 settings that are easy to read.

The grinder has only one on/off button. The device switches of automatically, when it “feels” there are no more coffee beans in the hopper.

The lid of the coffee beans container is simultaneously a scale with LED display, which measurement accuracy is 0,1 g. It is compatible with a special app via Bluetooth. There you can find tips and recipes for extraordinary coffee developed by Tim himself.

Wilfa placed flat 58 mm stainless steel burrs in the grinder, which provide more precision than conical burrs. Thanks to that it allows you to get all of the richnessfrom the coffee.

It is very easy to access the burrs. All you need to do is to unscrew the top part of the grinder. It is easy to clean!


  •  41 settings, from coarse to espresso
  •  58mm flat burrs for even grinding
  •  metal container for less static coffee
  •  auto stop sensor when coffee is empty
  •  colour: Black
  •  UK adaptor supplied

12 months back to base warranty.

2 reviews for Wilfa UNIFORM+ Automatic Coffee Grinder

  1. I’ve been using the Wilfa Uniform Plus grinder for around a month now and am pretty disappointed with it. It grinds well, but fines get stuck in the screw for the main chamber that adjusts the grind size after only a couple of uses. The whole top then jams when you try and twist it clockwise. This means that you can’t change from a course grind to a fine grind without taking the grinder apart and cleaning it.

  2. I had the same problem as Simon because the adjustment collar just stuck. Simon – how did you manage to remove the collar and reset the grinder? However, when the grinder worked properly. it was a dream in terms of particle size and uniformity.

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