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A coffee machine that tells the history of espresso and is symbolic of espresso machines handmade. The Venus Bar, with its vertical body, technical features and use of the finest materials, continues to be a coffee machine appreciated for its design and for its technology. An espresso machine simple and intuitive, but at the same time valuable and timeless.

Bodywork hammered by hand and three colors that give it light and brilliance: copper, brass and chrome. Each Victoria Arduino espresso machine exterior is the result of careful endeavour by skilled craftsmen, who work on each piece with great attention to detail. The vertical body makes it particularly convenient, so the Venus Bar can be placed on any surface and used in any context.

The freestanding Venus Bar creates a drier, hotter steam that guarantees the most excellent creaminess in a cappuccino. Two or three groups are available adapting to individual needs. Faithful to the reliability of Victoria Arduino professional coffee machines, the Venus Bar has a double safety system with valve and thermostat, while the hydraulic systems maintain perfect thermal stability. In the semi-automatic version – more similar to the traditional model – simply pull the lever to dispense coffee, while in the volumetric version, just press a button. Simply rotate the taps for hot water or steam. Using the machine is straightforward and intuitive and, given the simplicity of the movements and mechanisms, the machine is extremely durable.

Venus is the goddess of the Roman pantheon. It is a name that evokes the essence of beauty, the opulence of form, elegance, grace and the enticing femininity of the woman who won Paris in exchange for Helen’s love for him.

Even today, the Venus seems to preserve the splendor of the goddess from which it takes its name, with its large and gentle mirrored surfaces. It is a distraction that fascinates and wins you over. The Venus wants to take the splendor of the Victoria Arduino brand back to just after the Second World War, and it does so through an espresso machine with its form and pure materials. In a world that changes so abruptly, the Venus stands out forcefully, overcoming and embellishing the daily ritual of enjoying a cup of coffee with its elegant and impressive style.

Extra options;

  • chromed body


Also available in;

Venus bar – 2 Group semi auto

Venus bar – 3 Group semi auto

Venus bar – 2 Group volumetric

Venus bar – 3 Group volumetric

Specification – 2 GROUP
Dimensions LxHxD  mm 420x920x420
Power  2000W
Voltage  230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity  7.6L
Gross weight  70kg
Net weight  60kg

specification – 3 GROUP
Dimensions LxHxD  mm 490x1070x490
Power  2600W
Voltage  230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity  14.8L
Gross weight  86kg
Net weight  76kg


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