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Theresia, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, is an espresso machine for the coffee connoisseur to have at home, on their boat or in the office. A technologically advanced espresso machinethat can extract the best espressos and most fragrant cappuccinos, just like baristas make during competitions. The bodywork, made entirely of Supermirror stainless steel, was designed to look like a diamond, with a technological heart beating inside.

in a professional coffee machine the temperature parameter plays an extremely important role, as it strongly influences espresso quality. A stable temperatureprovides an excellent result over and over again. But how? Again, through studies, research and experimentation, as well as working with the best baristas, we managed to find a solution that provides for the control of every single parameter. Thus was born T3, a technology that allows the barista to set three temperatures: for the brewing group, the water infusion and the steam.

Thermal insulation that guarantees the safety of the barista and not only that, but better and easier cleaning and therefore greater hygiene. The new “Cool-Touch” thermally insulated wand avoids annoying burns and can speed up cleaning the espresso machine.

We developed a new extraction system, the High Efficiency Extraction System (HEES). HEES enhances the aroma of each coffee blend in the cup because it transfers all the splendid and creamy substances right through the new extraction system.

Theresia coffee machine embodies the technology of champions in its small size. Independent regulation of the brewing group , the water boiler and steam temperature as well as adjustable dose quantity and pre-infusion time guarantee excellent extractions and consistency. The system limits power consumption with heating management of the components that saves energy.

An exquisite object that is attractive and at the same time simple and functional; combining tradition and innovation. Theresia is an espresso machine designed for indulging in a daily joy; enjoying a perfect espresso, which is not only a leisure break, but a real little luxury to appreciate and savor. For this reason, the Fuksas studio was in charge of the design, while Victoria Arduino’s R & D department took care of the technological heart of this espresso machine. T3 technology is already used in several products with great success and was customised to this machine with one group. Theresia encompasses many facets of luxury.

(is available with or without lid)

Dimensions LxHxD mm 430x585x460
Power 3000W
Voltage 208-240V 50-60Hz
Steam boiler capacity 1.1L
Gross weight 37kg
Net weight 32kg


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