Victoria Arduino Mythos 2 Fixed Speed

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Speed is Quality 

After Mythos One experience, with Mythos 2 Victoria Arduino could develop a grinding machine with 85mm titanium grinders to allow for a greater service speed – in other words, a higher hourly production. The special propeller located upstream of the machines ensures a consistent coffee pressure within the grinding machine, in order to guarantee the best density. It can grind more quickly than before, without compromising the taste of the coffee.

• Increases the service speed.
• It’s the ideal grinder for bars with high sales volumes.
• Lowers the grinding times per dose.

Mythos 2 is also able to work without making unpleasant and continuous noises during coffee grinding in the bar, which thus becomes a more relaxing and livable environment, for staff and for customers. The only thing we want to be remarkable in my job is the quality of my coffee.

• Is the quietest grinder-doser.
• Makes your bar a more relaxing and livable environment.
• Improves the acoustic comfort of your premise to offer customers a more pleasant and involving experience.

The new Mythos 2 inverter motor saves energy – An important milestone for Victoria Arduino.

• Is the result of the new grinding theory – ensuring more productivity with lower consumption costs.
• Lowers electric consumption
Mythos compact shape is only 20 cm, allowing it to put multiple grinders in sequence to create a batch of coffee grinders. An impressive decorative solution, which is also very functional for the bar. Its 2 kg hopper is ergonomic and spacious and the touch display with pre-set electronic features speeds up and streamlines its use.
In order to further streamline our job, the service accessibility was simplified to guarantee quicker and cheaper operations.

• Is very easy to use.
• Has a compact shape and a streamlined accessibility to speed up maintenance operations.
• Has a Micrometric adjustment system which is easy, accurate and immediate.

Dimensions (mm) W: 202 D: 416 H: 518
Weight (kg) Net Gross: 25
Hopper Capacity (g) Volume: 2000
Maximum daily production:  12kg
Voltage: 230 (50Hz), 115V (60Hz)
Power: 650W
Burrs: 85mm

Available colours:   Black and White

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  1. I should go for variable speed or the top model to be honest.

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