SSP Mahlkonig EK43 Red Speed Burrs

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Premium set of burrs have been developed by SSP coated with Red Speed to give that extra durability and performance without compromise.

We currently stock the Mahlkonig EK43 and Victoria Arduino Mythos One burrs, these are made with cast iron material and designed different cutting algorithm and geometry compared to the original one.

It has been tested to produce more even and consistent coffee grounds. The burrs are coated with Red Speed giving it more resistance to wear and low friction coefficient enabling you to grind more coffee beans.

One of the great features of this Red Speed burrs is it gives you longer life expectancy approx up to 7,000kg of coffee grounds.  Giving you better precision and greater opportunity for improved flavour clarity.

Size of burrs:  98mm
Can be used on both EK43 and EK43 S models
Material:  cast iron
Coated:  TiAICN Titanium Aluminium carbon Nitride



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